Suppliers of Industrial Flooring solutions

The Monarch group of companies, established in 1987 has over 40 years of knowledge and experience in the provision of lasting solutions to the service industry in the provision of seamless resin flooring systems.

Reliability quality and a broad range of industrial flooring products, gives you, the customer, a total flooring solution.

The company is a specialist manufacturer and installer of epoxy resin flooring systems, polyurethane resin flooring screeds and appropriate floor paints for the industrial marketplace.


With a broad range of experience the company specialises in providing bespoke flooring solutions to particularly challenging industrial flooring projects and is pleased to work with clients to develop specific products to answer that need.

Based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire the company is pleased to work on industrial flooring contracts throughout the UK. Monarch offers a wide range of flooring solutions for use in all situations ranging from industrial factory floors to public areas like car parks.

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Epoxy Resin Flooring

The Monarch Epoxy Flooring Group of Companies manufacture a wide range of trowelling compounds, cements, heavy duty coatings, epoxy resin flooring screeds and walling systems.

The complete range of epoxy resin flooring and lining systems offer reliable industrial flooring and walling solutions in both heavy industry situations where the flooring gets tough use on a daily basis, perhaps from industrial vehicles like fork lift trucks, as well as in light industry situations such as laboratories. They are also suppliers and installers of hard wearing flooring in public areas with heavy use, like hospitals.

Products in the Monarch range offer flooring systems for all industrial situations. The epoxy resin flooring products have been designed to provide excellent chemical and wear resistance, can be supplied in a wide variety of colours, with or without chevroning and all products have excellent decontamination properties, however diverse the finished surface



Polyurethane Resin Flooring

The noteworthy strength durability and resilience of Polyurethane resin flooring makes this floor coating an ideal choice for a wide range of uses. This combined with anti-slip and chemical resistant properties makes it a very versatile product.
For the above reasons, M

onarch’s range of polyurethane resin flooring is widely used in food factory flooring where often wet and testing conditions are prevalent.

In addition, Monarch Resin Floors can offer Polyurethane resin flooring which are flexible, offering alternative solutions where movement in floors is anticipated.





Non Slip Flooring

‘The law requires that floors must not be slippery so they put people’s safety at risk’


(The Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations 1992).

In the work place the law requires that floors must not be slippery, even if they are wet so that the safety of workers is not at risk. Health and Safety statistics indicate that most slips occur when surfaces are wet or contaminated with liquid of some form or other. Monarch Epoxy Flooring have the most advanced range of non slip flooring products that guarantee to solve the slip concerns within the work place and conform to Health and Safety legislation standards . The floor would not necessarily need to be replaced as in most cases the slip resistance of the existing floor can be improved. The Companies anti slip flooring is appropriate for walkways, ramps, gangways and factory floors. It is a very tough product which will retain a smart and attractive finish, withstand the use of industrial vehicles including fork lift trucks and other heavy duty vehicles. It can be laid in a variety of colours and marked with lines, lettering and chevrons as required.

Coloured Industrial Flooring

Monarch Epoxy Flooring offer a wide range of high-performance products ranging from light to heavy-
duty, with hygienic, anti-slip flooring screeds in a variety of colours and innovative finishes.

Chevron Marking on Industrial Floors
We are now able to offer high quality line marking and chevroning on our epoxy resin industrial flooring products.

Epoxy Resin Flooring for Domestic use

The company is pleased to supply appropriate epoxy resin flooring to the domestic market. Sometimes it is worth considering the installation of a specialist flooring surface in the domestic situation, for instance for high quality garage flooring and workshops where anti-slip surface would be an advantage.

For more details about our epoxy resin flooring products and other services available from this family led company please go to the Product section of the site, or call or email us.